The Stamford Fire Department is responsible for assisting people in many types of serious situations – including fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, lost persons, and hazardous conditions such as electrical wires down and floods. You can be part of the department and assist your friends and neighbors in their times of need.

29356697_10212689939498338_1021444223439732736_o.jpgBecoming A Member

To become a member, you must first fill out the application. You may obtain an application from any member or you can have one sent to you. The application asks for simple background information such as your address, phone number, education, work experience and personal references. The application information is used to help us evaluate you.

For EMS applicants: you will be evaluated on your medical provider expertise prior to being approved to respond to calls on your own.

You will be asked to attend a monthly meeting of the department and you may be asked several questions about yourself and your ability to respond to calls. The members will vote on accepting you into the department.

Once the membership votes to accept you, the Chief will request that the Stamford Joint Fire District Commissioners confirm you as a member of the fire department. Their confirmation allows you to be covered by insurance. You may not participate in any department activity until the District Commissioners approves your appointment.

No member will be asked to perform or participate in any activity that he/she is not trained for or not comfortable with. If you prefer not to climb ladders, work with an air pack, drive large trucks or treat sick/injured people, then there are other valuable jobs for you to do.

Maintaining Membership

Once you become a member, you will be expected to participate in department activities. The amount of time you spend will depend on the other activities in your life: family, work and hobbies. No one expects you to spend all of your time at the firehouse.

However, since emergency activities require skill, knowledge and the ability to work with your fellow members, there are minimum requirements that you must annually fulfill to remain as an active member within the department. If you do not or cannot meet the standards, you may be asked to leave the department.

The department uses a ‘point system’ to evaluate members. You are awarded one point for every event that you attend. The events include ambulance calls, fires, meetings, parades, work details, committees and special events. The annual evaluation period runs from April 1 to March 31. During that period, every member must attain at least 40 points including 3 Department Meetings, 10 Emergency Incidents and 12 Training.

During the same period, each member must also attain at least 12 of the total of 40 points for attending training sessions. Training sessions are held once a week and training is also given by the State Office of Fire Prevention and Control in various courses taught within the county.

26814831_10212191541038688_7703742679352522800_n.jpgOther Items of Interest

  • Non-Emergency Work – Although the focus of our work revolves around emergency medical, fire and rescue work, we welcome anyone who can help with fire support. This might include helping to fix food and drinks during emergency calls, clerical work, clean up and helping to organize and plan various dinners and functions sponsored by the department. Even though a person does not participate in emergency work, he/she must still accumulate the proper number of annual points and attend training.
  • Meetings – The department holds its regular monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. The meeting starts at 7:30pm. New members should try to attend all meetings. The annual election of officers meeting is held on the Thursday following the first Tuesday in April. Only members in Regular Active status (that is, having accumulated the proper number of points) may vote.
  • Training – Training sessions are held within the department on a regular basis. At least one training session occurs each week. These weekly sessions are usually firefighting related. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) that is ambulance work training is usually scheduled on a monthly basis. There is also important training sponsored by the State of New York. This training is held at various locations throughout the county. All new members who intend to be involved with firefighting work must complete the New York State training course Scene Support Operations or Basic Firefighting Exterior Operations within two (2) years of joining. Members who do medical work must begin training in CPR at the Professional Level and Basic First Aid.
  • Equipment – Much of the work you will do requires specialized protective, communication and emergency equipment. All members are issued a small radio receiver called a pager. Members are notified that there is an emergency call by way of a radio transmission on the pager. You will receive information on the location and nature of the call. Members who will perform fire fighting activity will receive a set of protective clothes which are called ‘turn out gear’. This includes a coat, pants, boots, helmet, gloves and a hood.
    • These will be yours to keep as long as you belong to the department. Treat these things as if they were your own.
    • If you leave, you must return all items.
    • Please take care of the equipment issued to you – it is expensive!
    • A pager costs $325, turn out coat and pants, helmet and boots $2,500
    • Protective clothing in good condition may keep you from getting hurt or killed.
  • Blue Lights – members of fire departments are allowed to display a ‘blue light’ on their vehicle. You may use a blue light only when you are responding to an emergency. Drivers are not required to make way for you because a blue light is only a courtesy designation. In New York State, only flashing red lights are official emergency lights and drivers must make way. Members must be in the department for six months before they are allowed to display a blue light. You must buy your own light.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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